Bathroom Defense for Children
In the past couple of years, we have witnessed the federal government give special rights to anyone that they deem a protected class with no protections for their victims.   Today's announcement has gone too far in that it puts children at risk for political reasons.  The politicians and left media claim that this is no big deal  in that nothing bad will happen to the children while these so called 'transgenders' are sharing a bathroom or locker room with these children.  
Anyone with common sense knows that if this so called decree sticks, that any pervert will be walking into the girls bathrooms and locker rooms claiming their are transgender.  What is going to stop these people from invading a child's privacy when our own government refuses to protect them and puts their own political agenda ahead of the child's safety? 
Our solution is for all children to carry PEPPER GEL spray into the bathrooms and locker rooms to protect themselves if an issue arises.  Pepper gel will spray up to 15 feet and will stick to the perpetrator and burn like hell.  It won't cross contaminate the room and only stick to the person fired upon.
Don't let the politically correct fools in DC risk your children's safety.

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