DO YOU SELL TO ONLY POLICE DEPARTMENTS?  We are open to the public and offer all JPX products to both Law Enforcement and to Consumers.   We feel that every person has the right to the best products on the market for their own self defense.  JPX Police Supply specializes in products for self defense and is our primary site for Law Enforcement.  
Please review your local laws to see if the JPX is allowed in your municipality.    We can not ship the JPX to New York state unless to a dealer or designated law enforcement agency.
IS THERE A LAW ENFOREMENT ONLY VERSION OF THE JPX?  No.  Every gun is manufactured to the highest standards in Switzerland and they are all the same.  All magazines currently fire up to 23 feet and carry the same 10%, 4,000,000 SHU OC in them.  There may be companies that brand the guns, but the mechanics are all the same.  There is no such thing as a "consumer gun".   All guns sold by every dealer are the same LE guns sold to Law Enforcement.  Some customers are told that they can't have a law enforcement grade gun, so the word consumer is put in the description.   When you purchase a JPX, you are purchasing the same product available to Law Enforcement. 
IS THERE TRAINING AVAILABLE FOR THE JPX PEPPER GUN?  There are several independent training companies available that can train individuals and police departments.    We have several dealers that are licensed by Piexon to train and we can refer you to these dealers in event training is needed.  These companies are not associated with JPX Police Supply and act as independent contractors that have been trained under Piexon's JPX training program.  Please look under "LE TRAINERS"  at the top of our website.
DO YOU SHIP YOUR PRODUCTS OUTSIDE OF THE U.S.?  We do not ship outside the U.S.  Due to the nature of the products that we sell, we chose not to export outside of the U.S.  We do ship to PR, Guam, Hawaii and Alaska.  There are freight forwarders that ship to both Central and South America mostly based in Florida or on the southern border.  You have to find the best one for your use.
DOES THE JPX NEED TO BE REGISTERED?  Since the JPX is not considered a firearm, it doesn't require registration in most states.   It is considered a pepper spray dispenser and only states that require pepper registration may have issues.   We know that NY state is one state that requires this.  We recommend that you check local laws if you have any specific questions about your state.  Carrying the JPX is no different then carrying pepper spray.  Again check your local laws because the JPX does fire with a blank charge. Some police departments or Sheriff's write their own rules when they don't know what the product is.  
CAN I TRAVEL WITH THE JPX?  From information that we have gathered, if you must travel with your JPX, then it must be checked in your luggage and not carried on the plane.  Separate the barrel from the frame and the cartridges from the gun.  The cartridges are not pressurized, so there is no danger of them exploding.  TSA is different at every airport, so don't take it for granted that they may not question the product.  We would recommend that you download the ATF designation letter from this site if traveling with the JPX.  The JPX is not considered a firearm and can be carried over state borders.  This makes the JPX the ideal self defense weapon for anyone that spends a lot of time on the road.  Again, there are specific states with issues like New York and you should check the local laws before proceeding.
DOES THE JPX HAVE A SAFETY SWITCH?  No, the JPX doesn't carry a separate safety switch.  The trigger pull exceeds 12 pounds making it difficult for children to pull.  This product was designed for law enforcement and doesn't require a safety switch.
HOW LONG DO THE CARTRIDGES LAST?   The typical JPX cartridge is typically good for up to 4 years.   They are not pressurized, so this gives them a more longer life.  They are fired with a blank primer guaranteeing more reliability over the long-term.  Every cartridge should have a warning label on it with an expiration date.  Currently the cartridges are dated 2023.
ARE THERE DIFFERENT CARTRIDGE STRENGTHS AVAILABLE?  NO.  Every OC Cartridge is the same.  They fire the same Pepper spray with the came concentration of OC at the same distance.   We can not guarantee an exact distance due to possible different primer charges.   We advertise a distance of 23 feet with a 2 foot spread per Piexon's testing.   There is no difference in OC cartridges for anyone claiming a LE version.  
WHAT IS IN THE PEPPER SPRAY AND DOES IT CONTAIN CS GAS?   The JPX cartridges only hold pure pepper spray (OC) and no other chemicals in the spray.  The pepper is one of the hottest on the market at 4,000,000 SHU.  There is a small amount of cleaning chemical in each cartridge that leaves the barrel after firing to make sure that the barrel self-decontaminates so that any residual doesn't leak from the gun when holstered.
HOW LONG WILL THE JPX PEPPER KEEP A PERPETRATOR DOWN?  Based on experience with law enforcement, the JPX pepper, if used correctly will keep a perpetrator down for up to 45 minutes.  This gives you plenty of time to go or for an officer to get him handcuffed and ready for transport.  There are never any guarantees to how long a person may be susceptible to the affects of the OC.  We can only use estimates based on experience.
IS THERE MUCH CROSS CONTAMINATION WHEN FIRING THE JPX?  Each cartridge are self cleaning and when the JPX is fired, you will see a puff of smoke that is cleaning out the cartridge.  This smoke may irritate you, but will pass quickly.  The JPX is very accurate and under 20 feet will cause very little if any cross contamination.   This of course will be different outdoors depending on the weather when the JPX is fired.
WHAT IS THE SAFE DISTANCE FOR THE JPX?  The minimum safe distance is 5 Feet from the nozzle.   In the event that you are under the safe distance, aim for their chest and fire which should push them back giving you another barrel for a shot to the face.   This safety distance is explained in your owners manual. Please read your manual carefully because the JPX is not a toy.
DOES THE JPX WORK ON ANIMALS?  Absolutely. Some of our largest clients are animal control companies and municipalities.  The JPX is an ideal product to carry while hiking, running or bicycling. 
WHY DO WE SEE DIFFERENT SPEEDS ON THE JPX WHEN FIRED?  The JPX speed was always calculated from the nozzle.   The manufacturer safety distance is 5 feet, so they added the calculation of the speed at 5 feet which is 320 FPS VS 590 FPS from the nozzle.  They had several police departments that asked for the "safe" distance speed in order to give their officers better understanding of the force the pepper spray when fired.

ARE THERE STATES WHERE YOU CAN'T SHIP THE JPX?  YES!  The primary state is New York with some grey area in MASS and New Jersey.  The ATF rules that the JPX is not a firearm, but in some states that doesn't stop local law enforcement from writing their own rules.  If you have questions about this, please check with your state AG's office or local Sheriff's office.  Sometimes when they don't know what the product is, and they will automatically deem it a firearm.  We always voice on the side of caution when dealing with certain states.