The JPX has a strong trigger pull at about 12 pounds that acts as a safety so that the user knows that they aren't firing an actual live firearm.  The best way to learn the trigger pull is to practice without any magazines in the gun.  Most firearms require a slow, easy pull whereas the JPX needs a harder and faster pull so that you don't misfire the cartridge.
Take your JPX and pull the trigger to get the feel of when the firing pins click.  Once you get that timing right, then practice pulling the trigger until you have a confident flow in your pull.   This will make sure that when you need your JPX, the gun will fire properly without issue.
You may want to purchase a green practice magazine to get the full affect.  Considering the JPX may one day save your life, you need to have the confidence to use the product.
If you have specific product questions, please contact Firestorm Defense at 877-869-3465.

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