Today we received a call from a customer, Max Allen who while hiking walked into a Mountain lion in Idaho.  He religiously carries his JPX 2 with him for self defense.  He told me that the cat snuck up behind him and his brother yelled to him warning that the cat was about to attack.  He fired his first shot and missed, but the cat sensed the pepper in the air and hesitated.  He then fired the second shot hitting the cat squarely in the face and that set the cat running.  He told me that the cat made a noise like it was screaming and ran into the tundra.
He called the rangers and when they arrived, the cat was lingering and whimpering close by.  They put the cat down and took it away without any issue.  The JPX is a perfect weapon for animal control in these tense situations. The rangers had never seen a large cat stopped that way and were impressed with the JPX.   If you are an active person and spend time in the wide out doors, you may want to consider carrying a JPX for protection.  The pepper in this gun is 4 times the strength of bear spray and will definitely keep the critters away.

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