Most people don't feel the need to prepare themselves against the possibility of having violence done to them, and usually don't do anything until either they, a friend or family member experiences violence in some way. It is prudent to always be prepared for the uncertainty in life. That is when purchasing a weapon or self defense product is prudent. One of the most difficult choices for most people may be the type of self defense product to choose from. Most people do not have the personality to pick up a gun and use it on another human being. It's the thought of killing another person that makes this so unreal. Every person needs to look at their own ideals and decide how far they would go to protect themselves or their loved ones. Hand guns are the ultimate protection, but come with major consequences in the event you choose to use one on another person. Our society frowns on the use of deadly force with the exception of in our own homes. When traveling, hiking, entering a bad part of town, shopping at night or a hundred other scenerios, the idea of taking a gun can do more harm than good. If you feel threatened to the point of pulling a gun, then you must use it or the perpetrator may use it on you. If you use it, and kill, wound or miss your assailant, the odds are you will be arrested for the use of deadly force and have to pay out thousands to defend yourself. This is why considering a less-lethal weapon is a much better choice. One of the better non-lethal weapons is a stun gun. These weapons are inexpensive (about $50), are light and portable to carry, and can disable a very large person almost instantly. A stun gun can disable a grown man long enough for you to escape and live another day. The noise that a stun gun puts out will typically scare a assailant to the point where they don't want a fight. These products are readily available in many models in all shapes and sizes. New technology has gotten the voltage up to 5,000,000 volts for immediate stopping power.

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