Pepper spray is probably the most cost effective self defense products on the market that can really stop a perpetrator from harming you or your family. It is very popular due to its ease of use, light weight, and low cost. The product actually uses a derivative from the hot cayenne pepper called Oleoresin Capsicum or OC for short. When you purchase a pepper spray the OC strength can determine how fast and effective your pepper spray will be when needed. Pepper spray is completely non-lethal in nature, but can cause shortness of breath, mild choking, coughing and watery eyes dehabilitating the offender long enough for you to escape. Everyone's physical chemistry is different, so we never know exactly how they will react when hit in the face with pepper spray. This is where you must decide on the specific product or OC potency that makes you feel secure. The most popular models today are the Keychain Pepper Sprays. These sprays are extremely lightweight and portable and having your keys attached keeps it accessable at all times. Many of these consumer based sprays are "water based" and their effectiveness can be limited depending on the person it is used on. The spray can typically be easily washed from their face and doesn't leave any lasting effects. Some of the newer key-chain sprays put out by companies such as SABRE who supply many of the police forces around the U.S. have a hotter and longer lasting effect due to the strength of the OC mix in their pepper sprays. Their Sabre Red spray can be more effective than most water-based pepper sprays and it still costs around $10 to $15 per unit. There are many manufacturers of pepper spray and we will cover each and every product in future articles. Our primary site, Mystungun offers most manufacturers including Sabre, Mace, Peppershot, Wildfire, Streetwise, Kimber and Red Dog pepper sprays. Tom Babilla is an expert on non-lethal, self-defense products offered through his site Mystungun.

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